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Collected stands as a private wealth management firm, deeply dedicated to the cryptocurrency and technology sectors. Our investments extend to diverse startups, encompassing real estate, fintech, blockchain-focused software development, and the conventional automotive.

What sets Collected apart is our adeptness at forging impactful synergies with strategic allies within each startup we champion.


Our dedication to fostering growth extends beyond financial support. We’ve built a robust network for support and growth that interconnects all our portfolio companies, nurturing a culture of shared success.


By leveraging our extensive network of contacts and resources, we offer comprehensive assistance that reaches beyond mere financing.



An advanced financial ecosystem built upon blockchain technology and digital assets. Our team comprises experts in finance, cryptocurrencies, and software/blockchain development. We tailor financial solutions with a focus on simplicity and your user experience, ensuring dependable access to this evolving economic paradigm.


Innovative tech firm with agile teams, streamlined communication, and problem-solving prowess – all the essentials to mold your envisioned product.


Company specializing in developing new business units and representation management. We focus on creating synergies, developing new businesses, establishing strategic alliances, digitizing processes, and diversifying our portfolio to enhance the growth and efficiency of our clients.


Firm focused on real estate, stands out for carrying out comprehensive 360-degree operations. From construction and investment to expert advice and sale of projects without interruptions, It is the integral partner in the world of real estate.


Ecommerce tailored for car care enthusiasts. Explore products backed by German certifications that ensure their benefits – showcasing the epitome of automotive excellence, conveniently delivered to your doorstep.


Wealth Management & Tailored Financial Soultions

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Wealth Management

Tailor - made investment


Wealth Management

Enhance your financial future with our private wealth management. We tailor investment strategies to achieve your goals. Your journey to financial prosperity begins here.


Tailor - made investment
investment fund

Unlock tailored investment opportunities with us. Explore bespoke investment funds that align with your goals and aspirations. Your journey to personalized financial growth starts here.


This fund provides growth opportunities in a booming emerging market, managed by investment and cryptocurrency experts from Plaintext Capital. It employs a multi-strategy approach, including momentum and fundamental analysis, to diversify assets within a portfolio.

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Experience the Collected Advantage – an extensive team of investment experts and a diverse portfolio of companies that offer a wide array of investment opportunities, including cryptocurrencies, the technology sector, real estate, and automotive ventures.

Industries We Invest In Presently, our investments span across cryptocurrencies, the technology sector, real estate, and automotive domain. It’s noteworthy that we’re also actively exploring opportunities to expand our investment horizons in line with our clients’ evolving needs.

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